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Why we disagree - Swami Vivekananda Chicago Speech

Why we disagree - Swami Vivekananda Chicago Speech - Vivekananda highlights the ignorance of those, who claim their religion as the BEST. It should always be 'ONE OF THE BEST' instead.

The one who finds fault with other religion, is ignorant of not only that religion, but his own. Because there are sufficient proofs in all religions from which people have reached the zenith in all fields, whether it is spirituality or social life or any field for that matter.

If there are any issues it should be with the people who follow it with misconceptions and not with the religion itself.

So my friends, stop abusing other religions, and try to follow your religion with faith, no matter whether it is your original or converted religion.

This segment is taken from an audio release, about the Life and Works of Swami Vivekananda.

Though it is not the actual voice of Vivekananda, we can feel the power of his thoughts on Hinduism, and his respect for other religions

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